24: Legacy Season 1 COMPLETE 480p – 720p WEB-DL

24: Legacy Season 1 COMPLETE 480p - 720p WEB-DL

24: Legacy Season 1 COMPLETE 480p – 720p WEB-DL Download

Synopsis – 24 Legacy

A man who is a military hero returns home but little does he realise that trouble has followed him to his country. He is entrusted with the responsibility of preventing a massive terror attack.

24: Legacy - Tv Series

24: Legacy – Tv Series

  • Serial drama
  • Political thriller
  • Espionage thriller
  • Action thriller
Created by
  • Manny Coto
  • Evan Katz
Based on 24
by Joel Surnow
Robert Cochran
  • Corey Hawkins
  • Miranda Otto
  • Anna Diop
  • Teddy Sears
  • Ashley Thomas
  • Dan Bucatinsky
  • Coral Peña
  • Charlie Hofheimer
  • Sheila Vand
  • Raphael Acloque
  • Gerald McRaney
  • Jimmy Smits
Composer(s) Sean Callery
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 12 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Manny Coto
  • Evan Katz
  • Howard Gordon
  • Brian Grazer
  • Kiefer Sutherland
  • Stephen Hopkins
Production location(s) Los Angeles, California (pilot)
Atlanta, Georgia
Running time 43 minutes
Production company(s)
  • Imagine Television
  • Teakwood Lane Productions
  • Coto/Katz Productions
  • 20th Century Fox Television[4]
Original network Fox
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original release February 5 –
April 17, 2017

24: Legacy – Synopsis & Story Plot

After leading a mission to eliminate terrorist leader Sheikh Ibrahim bin-Khalid, Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins), an ex–Army Ranger who returns to the U.S. and finds out that he and his squad mates are being hunted down and killed because one of his team unwittingly stole a flash drive containing a list of US-based terror cells and the codes to activate them for future attacks. With nowhere else to turn, Carter asks CTU to help him save his life while also stopping a series of devastating terrorist attacks on American soil. The series takes place three years after the events of 24: Live Another Day and is set in Washington, D.C.

24: Legacy – Season 1 – Direct Download


24.legacy.s01e01.proper.480p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e01.proper.720p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e01.proper.720p.x265.mkv

24.legacy.s01e02.480p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e02.720p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e02.720p.x265.mkv

24.legacy.s01e03.480p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e03.720p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e03.720p.x265.mkv

24.legacy.s01e04.480p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e04.720p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e04.720p.x265.mkv

24.legacy.s01e05.480p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e05.720p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e05.720p.x265.mkv

24.legacy.s01e06.PROPER.720p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e06.proper.480p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e06.proper.720p.x265.mkv

24.legacy.s01e07.480p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e07.720p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e07.720p.x265.mkv

24.legacy.s01e08.480p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e08.720p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e08.720p.x265.mkv

24.legacy.s01e09.480p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e09.720p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e09.720p.x265.mkv


24.legacy.s01e10.720p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e10.720p.x265.mkv

24.legacy.s01e11.480p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e11.720p.x265.mkv

24.legacy.s01e12.480p.mkv 24.legacy.s01e12.720p.x265.mkv

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