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Alcatraz Tv Series
Alcatraz Tv Series

Genres : Action | Criminal | Drama | Mystery | Exciting
Director : Steven Lilien , Elizabeth Sarnoff , Bryan Wynbrandt
Casts : Sarah Jones , Jorge Garcia , Jonny Coyne
Year of Production : 2012
Production : USA | Canada
Language : English
Duration : Average of 60 minutes per episode
IMDB Ratings : 7.1 / 10
Quality : Excellent – HDTV / Fantastic – 720p
Format : mkv
Size : 150 MB
Player channel : FOX USA
Episodes : 13 Episodes
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When San Francisco Police Detective Rebecca Madson (sarah jones) investigates the horrific murder, he finds a fingerprint that leads him to a suspicious defendant: Jack sylvane, who lived in Alcatraz and died decades ago. Madsen went to a person who had a lot of information in Morud Alcatraz and was a fan of comedy books, Dr. Diego Soto (who played the role of Hugo in the series Last), to work together to discover the mystery of the mystery, the two discovered that sylvane is not only alive, but he walks the streets of San Francisco freely, leaving the corpses at night, and surprisingly not a bit old from the day he was imprisoned in Alcatraz…

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