Download Ask The Storybots Season 1 COMPLETE [480p – 720p – 1080p]

Download Ask The Storybots Season 1 COMPLETE [480p – 720p – 1080p]

Ask The Storybots Tv Series Season 1 COMPLETE All Episodes Direct Download Links

Download Ask The Storybots Season 1 COMPLETE [480p - 720p - 1080p]

Ask the StoryBots is an American live action/animated children’s television series based on the characters from the StoryBots educational website and videos. It premiered exclusively on Netflix on August 12, 2016. Originally created and produced by JibJab Bros. Studios, the StoryBots media franchise was fully acquired by Netflix in May 2019.

Ask the StoryBots
Ask the StoryBots official show poster.jpg
Genre Children’s television
Created by Evan Spiridellis
Gregg Spiridellis
Based on StoryBots
Voices of Judy Greer
Erin Fitzgerald
Fred Tatasciore
Jeff Gill
Gregg Spiridellis
Evan Spiridellis
Theme music composer Gabe Sokoloff
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 22
Production company(s) JibJab Bros. Studios (2016-2018)
StoryBots Inc. (2019-Present)
Original network Netflix
Original release August 12, 2016 –
Followed by StoryBots Super Songs
A StoryBots Christmas
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In its first season, the series was nominated for an Annie Awards, was a finalist for a Peabody Award, was nominated in the International category at the British Academy Children’s Awards and received six nominations for the Daytime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Preschool Children’s Animated Program. It won the 2017 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Media – Enhancement to a Daytime Program or Series. Its second season, which premiered on Netflix on August 24, 2018, received the Annie Award for Best Animated Television Production for Preschool Children and won two Daytime Emmy Awards for writing and directing.

Ask the StoryBots also inspired a holiday special, A StoryBots Christmas, also on Netflix, which won two Daytime Emmy Awards. Starting in its second season, Ask the StoryBots has been translated into 22 languages and is available for streaming on Netflix in 190 countries.

A third season premiered on August 2, 2019. A trailer for the new episodes was launched on YouTube ahead of the season’s premiere.

The StoryBots are curious little creatures who live in the world beneath our screens. In each episode, the intrepid quintet of Beep, Bing, Bang, Boop and Bo of Team 341B go on an adventure to the human world to help answer kids’ biggest questions, like “Why is the sky blue?” or “Why do I need to brush my teeth?” They deliver their answer at the end of each episode in the form of a musical video.

Ask The Storybots Tv Series Direct Download Links

Ask the Storybots S01E01 480p.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E01 HEVC.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E01 720p.mkv

Ask the Storybots S01E02 480p.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E02 HEVC.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E02 720p.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E02 1080p.mkv

Ask the Storybots S01E03 480p.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E03 HEVC.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E03 720p.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E03

Ask the Storybots S01E04 480p.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E04 HEVC.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E04 720p.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E04 1080p.mkv

Ask the Storybots S01E05 480p.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E05 HEVC.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E05 720p.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E05

Ask the Storybots S01E06 480p.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E06 HEVC.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E06 720p.mkv
Ask the Storybots S01E06

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