Download Drama Korea Come Back Mister [Complete]

Download Drama Korea Come Back Mister [Complete]

Come Back Mister Korea Drama

Come Back Mister Korean Drama – Complete Episodes – English & Indonesia Subtitle – Direct Download Links

Also Know As
– Please Come Back, Mister
– Come Back, Uncle
– Come Back, Ahjussi
– Come Back Alive

Drama : Come Back Mister (Literal Title)
Revised Romanization : Dolawayo Ajussi
Hangul : 돌아와요 아저씨
Director : Shin Yoon-Sub
Writer(s) : Jiro Asada, Noh Hye-Young
Network : SBS
Episodes : 16
Release Date : February 24 – April 14, 2016
Runtime : Wed. & Thu. 21:55
Language : Korean
Country : South Korea

Plot Synopsis ©
A man is worked to death, but he comes back to the living world in the attractive body of another man for a limited amount of time.

Lee Hae-Joon (Rain) is a perfect man with good looking appearance. He works as a section chief in the women’s apparel section at a department store. His body is actually possessed by the spirit of Kim Young-Soo (Kim In-Kwon) who was worked to death.

Hong Nan (Oh Yeon-Seo) is a beautiful woman, but her spirit is possessed by tough guy (Kim Su-Ro).

Shin Da-Hye (Lee Min-Jung) is a beautiful housewife, but her husband suddenly dies. She falls into a love triangle with Lee Hae-Joon and a promising store employee (Yoon Park).

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