MOVIE: Goutham Nanda (2017) WEB-DL Download Links

MOVIE: Goutham Nanda (2017) WEB-DL Download Links

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MOVIE: Goutham Nanda (2017) WEB-DL Download Links
Goutham Nanda (2017) Full Movie

Movie Name: Goutham Nanda – Goutham Nanda 2017

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Product Country: India

Score: 6.4 out of 10

Year of publication: 2017

Duration: 155 minutes

Language: Telugu

Director: Sampath Nandi

Authors: Sampath Nandi

Stars: Tottempudi Gopichand, Catherine Tresa, Mukesh Rishi,

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Synopsis : Gutam Nanda is an action masala and drama film from the South Indian telgo cinema starring Guppi Chand and Hansika, a glamorous high-budget action movie with a mediocre director and spectacular action scenes and a fun story for style lovers. Masala is also recommended. Synopsis: Gotham, the son of a billionaire, decides to leave his father’s fortune and stand on his own two feet and start a new life with Nanda, who seems to be an employee of a technology company. In the meantime, he faces difficulties and problems, as well as enemies, and on the other hand, he enters into an emotional relationship with a rich girl. . .

Goutham Nanda (2017) Full HD Movie Download

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